Image for Printers – Time is Now to Recruit & Hire for Tech-Focused Roles

As traditional commercial printing and print and mail services quickly transition to digital services and infrastructure, employers must grasp the evolving landscape of skills and positions needed to thrive in this rapidly changing industry. From advanced manufacturing to integrated marketing technologies, the demand for specialized expertise is at an all-time high–and you want to grab the top talent for your company first. Become familiar with the skillsets and positions required to stay competitive in our industry and learn how to find the best job candidates below. 


Today’s commercial printers increasingly play important roles in marketing, database management, and direct mail technology for their customers. These areas demand skilled and experienced employees to meet customer needs. 

Marketing Partners and Solutions Providers. 
With the shift towards multi-channel marketing with integrated print collateral, increasing numbers of companies want their commercial printers to be higher-level marketing partners or marketing solutions providers. Printers need to shift more of their hiring toward professionals adept at leveraging online channels for integrated print marketing campaigns. A digital marketing specialist can help navigate social media, email marketing, and SEO strategies to package alongside print and mail products. [2]. 

Mail Technology Consultants.  
As mailing systems become more automated and integrated with digital platforms, the role of a mail technologist becomes crucial. These professionals understand the intricacies of postal regulations, sorting technologies, and data management for efficient mail processing. 

Database Wizards.  
Managing customer data and integrating it into direct mail campaigns requires specialized skills in database management and mail processing. Database and mail specialists ensure accurate targeting and personalized communication. A clean, well-managed database can be the difference between a dynamite ROI and a dismal one for your print and mail customers. This makes recruiting skilled specialists an important investment of time and money. 


When recruiting experienced candidates, look for individuals with specific expertise, certifications, and training so they can hit the ground running.  

Customer Data Platforms (CDP).  
Seek candidates with experience leveraging customer data using a CDP like Redpoint to drive personalized marketing campaigns and improve customer engagement. 

Variable Data Printing.  
Prioritize candidates skilled in variable-data printing techniques, enabling the customization of printed materials based on recipient data and preferences. 

USPS Technologies.  
Look for candidates familiar with USPS technologies and regulations, ensuring compliance and cost-effective mailing solutions. Job seekers with experience using the National Change of Address (NCOA) program and the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) should be strongly considered for a commercial printing and mailing environment that prioritizes accuracy and efficiency.  

Digital Innovations.  
Hire candidates who have demonstrated proficiency in adopting and implementing digital innovations and new technologies throughout their careers in the commercial print and mail industries. 


To attract top talent with digital and data expertise from secondary and post-secondary schools, community colleges, and trade schools, it’s essential to highlight the opportunities and skill development offered by your company. 

Promote Technological Advancements:  
Showcase your company’s investment in advanced manufacturing and integrated marketing technologies. Highlight how employees will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge equipment and software platforms. 

Emphasize Career Growth:  
Communicate the potential for career advancement within your organization. Outline clear paths for skill development and promotion, demonstrating a commitment to employee growth and success. 

Highlight Training Programs:  
Offer specialized training for employees to enhance their skills in areas such as variable data printing, USPS technologies, and digital solutions. Emphasize the value of continuous learning and professional development. 

Showcase Company Culture:  
Highlight your company’s culture of innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Share success stories of employees who have thrived in the dynamic environment of commercial printing and print and mail services. 

Use a Specialized Employment Agency:  
An agency like Semper, which focuses on the print, mail, and graphics industries, can help you hone in on the exact roles you need to fulfill your digital destiny in the industry. We can seek out candidates with specific skills nationwide and vet them for you so the risk of a new hire into an emerging role or technology carries little to no risk.  

The digitization of commercial printing and print and mail services demands a diverse and constantly evolving range of skills and expertise. By strategically marketing your company to potential employees, you can attract and retain top talent to drive innovation and success in the digital age. We can help.